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" It is one of my struggles as a Man to try and recreate the bases of a humanism, whose objective is to defend the value of human persons. Among those which need  to be the most supported , there are the persons with disabilities. When I was asked to become the president of this foundation, I did not hesitate at all : I accepted. "

Axel Kahn

Founding President of the FIRAH, an officially recognized foundation


The foundation is looking for projects and private sponsors that care to defend the value of the human person.


>> Why supporting FIRAH? Acting with shared values and principles

  • Innovation : Founded in 2009 and officially recognized, FIRAH is the first and unique foundation entirely dedicated to applied research on disability. It is focused on the expectations and needs of persons with disabilities and their families as well as the implementation of practical solutions.
  • Rigour : the Foundation depends on the skills of its ethical and scientific committee. This committee with international activity is chaired by Jean-Claude Ameisen.
  • An important match with the reality on the field : The founders members of FIRAH (APAJH, the APF and FEGAPEI) are three important organizations working on a daily basis with disabled persons and their families. FIRAH has many important partnerships with the whole associative area as well. These connections are the driving force of the foundation activities.
  • A research and development dynamics : FIRAH finances and promotes research works developed in partnership between researchers and stakeholders in the field, to allow the development of new practices and knowledge in the disability field.
  • Exchange and sharing : FIRAH intends to create real connections between researchers and stakeholders in the field. The Resource Center widely contributes to that by allowing the sharing of knowledge on an international scale.
  • International opening : the foundation decided to argue the issues on disability on an international level. It intends to boost the sharing of experiences and knowledge thanks to its international extent.
  • They trust us : FIRAH is supported by sponsors gathered in the “Friends of the foundation”, this gathering is now composed of the Casden, the Crédit Coopératif, MACIF, MAIF and OCIRP. These sponsors are all known for their social commitment.


>> You represent a company (private firm, social economic organization, foundation…) and you want to support FIRAH

Supporting FIRAH, it’s being involved into a civic mission in different ways

  • Becoming a member of the “Friends of the foundation” assembly (official authority defined by the status) and bringing a financial support for a 5 year period on the whole of the foundation activities
  • Bringing a financial support on a thematic that you will suggest to the board of directors according to shared priorities
  • In addition and through the employees of your organization, bringing your expertises to the foundation thanks to sponsorship of competences.

FIRAH, an officially recognized foundation, makes you benefit of a 60 % tax relief of the amount of the donation (within the limit of 5 % of your turnover).


Discover our "major donor" file

  • Existing: FIRAH is an officially recognized foundation
  • Supporting: 10 questions, 10 answers to know the FIRAH better
  • Demonstrating: the Resource Center: What does it include? What is its use?
  • Acting: How to collaborate together to act in a practical way, to improve the life of persons with disabilities and their families

For any other further information, do not hesitate to contact Pauline Raimbourg: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Now you know the FIRAH. You can act.


>> You are a private individual and you wish to support FIRAH

You can make a donation to FIRAH and participate in different ways to the foundation activities. All you have to do is to send an email to pauline.raimbourg[at]firah.org

FIRAH, an officially recognized foundation, makes you benefit of a 66 % tax relief (within the limit of 20 % of the taxable income) and a 75 % for people subjected to the ISF (wealth tax) (50,000 € maximal amount).



Now you know the FIRAH.

You can act.